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Zack Snyder Reflects on Divisive Reactions to His DC Films


Filmmaker Zack Snyder addresses the polarizing responses to his DC films and defends his unique take on the heroes. Find out why some fans were uncomfortable with his deconstructivist approach to mythology and his portrayal of Batman and Superman. Discover Snyder’s surprising choice for a remake and learn about his current projects. Appreciate the distinct flavor he brought to the DC Universe.

Zack Snyder’s Reflection on Divisive Reactions to His DC Films

Filmmaker Zack Snyder has recently addressed the polarizing responses his DC films have received, reflecting on the reasons behind the mixed reactions. In an interview with Empire magazine, Snyder shared his thoughts on the unique take he brought to the DC heroes and why some fans may have been uncomfortable with his approach.

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Snyder speculated that the divisive nature of his movies stemmed from his deconstructivist approach to mythology. He acknowledged that his films challenged traditional notions of heroism and tested the established mythology surrounding these iconic characters. While this exploration may have made some fans uncomfortable, Snyder believed that it ultimately confirmed the heroes’ worthiness.

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One of the most controversial aspects of Snyder’s films was his portrayal of Batman and Superman killing people. However, Snyder defended this creative decision, suggesting that some fans were misled by inconsistent material that deviated from the true canon. He implied that those who were bothered by the violent nature of his movies had been influenced by external factors rather than the authentic source material.

Zack Snyder’s Hypothetical Remake of Batman v Superman

While the possibility of Zack Snyder returning to the DC franchise seems unlikely, he entertained the idea of remaking Batman v Superman during the interview. When asked which former stars he would cast, Snyder made a surprising choice by selecting Christopher Reeve’s Superman and Adam West’s Batman. He expressed that West’s portrayal closely aligned with his vision of the Dark Knight. Although purely hypothetical, Snyder’s choice demonstrated his appreciation for the classic interpretations of these iconic characters.

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Zack Snyder’s Current Projects and the Conclusion of His DC Vision

Currently, Zack Snyder’s focus lies elsewhere as his Rebel Moon project nears its second part release on Netflix. He has also announced R-rated versions of both Rebel Moon films scheduled for later this year. Additionally, Snyder continues to expand his Army of the Dead franchise while juggling numerous other projects. As the DC Universe takes a new direction under the guidance of James Gunn and Peter Safran, it is clear that Snyder’s vision has reached its conclusion.

Zack Snyder’s time in the DC Universe may have been short-lived, but his impact on the franchise remains undeniable. While his films provoked mixed reactions, Snyder’s willingness to challenge the mythology and explore complex character arcs added a distinct flavor to the DC superhero genre. As the franchise moves forward with new creative forces at the helm, fans can appreciate the unique perspective Snyder brought to the DC Universe, even if it was met with divisiveness.

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