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X-Men ’97 Episode Titles Revealed: Adapting Classic Uncanny X-Men Storyline


Disney has unveiled the episode titles for Season 1 of X-Men ’97, the highly anticipated animated revival series. The titles hint at the inclusion of the iconic ‘Lifedeath’ storyline from the Uncanny X-Men comics and promise a thrilling three-part finale titled ‘Tolerance Is Extinction’. Fans can expect a faithful and nostalgic experience that honors the rich history of the X-Men comics.

X-Men ’97 Episode Titles Revealed: Adapting Classic Uncanny X-Men Storyline

The highly anticipated animated revival series, X-Men ’97, is set to make its debut on Disney+ soon, and fans have been eagerly awaiting any details about what to expect from the show. Now, Disney has finally unveiled the full list of episode titles for Season 1, giving us a glimpse into the storylines that will be explored.

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In a nostalgic nod to the ’90s, Disney revealed the episode titles through a TV Guide-style magazine cover, reminiscent of the era when the original X-Men: The Animated Series aired. This approach adds an extra layer of excitement for fans who grew up watching the beloved show.

What stands out from the episode titles is the inclusion of one of the most critically acclaimed storylines from the Uncanny X-Men comics of the 1980s – ‘Lifedeath.’ This storyline, created by Chris Claremont and Barry Windsor-Smith, centers around Storm and Forge. The plot revolves around Storm’s visit to Forge in his Dallas compound after she has been depowered. The two characters bond over their shared experiences of trauma, making it a poignant and emotional love story.

The inclusion of ‘Lifedeath’ suggests that Storm may face similar emotional struggles and possibly lose her powers in X-Men ’97. It is a bold move that showcases the series’ commitment to adapting iconic comic book narratives and staying true to the spirit of the original X-Men: The Animated Series.

The original animated series was known for its faithful adaptations of Chris Claremont’s stories, such as The Dark Phoenix Saga and Days of Future Past. Additionally, it embraced the ’90s comic book era with adaptations of Age of Apocalypse and The Phalanx Covenant. This blend of classic and contemporary storylines helped cement the show’s popularity among fans.

The episode titles for X-Men ’97 also reveal that the first season will conclude with a three-part story arc titled ‘Tolerance Is Extinction.’ This suggests a significant role for the anti-mutant vigilante, The X-Cutioner, who has been confirmed to appear in the series through Hasbro’s X-Men ’97 toys. Fans can expect an action-packed finale with high stakes and intense confrontations.

With X-Men ’97, Disney is not only bringing back a beloved animated series but also honoring the rich history of the X-Men comics. The inclusion of classic storylines and characters demonstrates the studio’s dedication to delivering an authentic and nostalgic experience for fans.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, March 20, when X-Men ’97 premieres on Disney+ with a thrilling two-episode premiere. Get ready to relive the era when the X-Men ruled the comic book world and embark on new adventures with your favorite mutant superheroes.

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