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The Ultimates: Marvel’s New Team Book Explores a Resistance Network in the Ultimate Universe


Learn about Marvel’s latest incarnation of The Ultimates, a team book set in the Ultimate Universe. Follow Tony Stark as he assembles a group of superheroes to join him in a resistance network, battling against the framing of the murder of thousands. Discover how this new series explores team dynamics and conflicts, with a diverse roster of heroes united by a common enemy. Get ready for the debut issue on June 5th!

Marvel’s Ultimate Universe: Exploring The Ultimates

Marvel’s Ultimate Universe is known for its iconic Avengers team, and the latest incarnation is no exception. The Ultimates, the first team book of the new Ultimate line, is set to make its debut in a few months. Written by Deniz Camp and illustrated by Juan Frigeri, this new series features Tony Stark assembling a group of superheroes to join him, including Doom, Sif, and Captain America.

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In an interview with ComicBook, Camp discussed how The Ultimates will build upon the foundation set by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch’s original version. Instead of battling extraterrestrial threats and terrorists, the team finds themselves framed for the murder of thousands in the Ultimate Universe and Ultimate Invasion. Camp compares them to the Partisans of World War II, describing them as a resistance network in occupied territory. As outlaws and terrorists, they are constantly under threat.

A Diverse Roster of Heroes United by a Common Enemy

Stark’s plan to create a resistance network of superheroes means that each issue of The Ultimates will introduce a new Ultimate version of a Marvel hero. While Camp didn’t reveal the full roster, he did mention that Ant-Man and the Wasp will be featured in the first issue. The team has an 18-month timeline to expand their ranks and save the world from the plans of the Maker and his Council, who have their own personal City. Adding to the complexity, Tony himself is a younger and more idealistic version of his 616 counterpart, torn between Doom and Captain America. The team dynamics and conflicts will be a significant focus of the book, especially as the roster grows. Camp explains that the team consists of individuals with diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and motivations, united by a common enemy.

Exploring the Themes and Ambition of The Ultimates

While the original Ultimates series explored post-9/11 paranoia, Camp and Frigeri’s version will delve into the sense that something has gone terribly wrong and that things were supposed to be better. While the two versions may feel different, Camp believes that their series remains true to the spirit and ambition of the original.

Bringing Growth and Change to the Marvel Universe

The Ultimates aims to bring growth and change to the Marvel Universe, distinguishing itself from the primary Marvel universe. Camp is excited to have the opportunity to create something unique within the Marvel sandbox, different from his previous contract work. He considers it a significant responsibility and is determined to live up to it.

The Debut Issue and What to Expect

Fans can look forward to the debut issue of The Ultimates on June 5th. Stay tuned for more news from io9, including updates on Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek, the DC Universe, and Doctor Who.

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