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The Next Matrix Movie: How Drew Goddard’s Involvement Raises Questions


Find out why the decision to bring Drew Goddard on board for the next Matrix movie is raising concerns. Explore the potential impact it may have on the beloved franchise and the motivations behind this decision.

The Importance of Individualism in The Matrix

The Matrix trilogy has always centered around the theme of individualism. It challenges viewers to question their reality and choose between accepting the status quo or seeking the truth. This theme resonated with audiences and made the films immensely popular. The Matrix Resurrections, the most recent installment, cleverly reflected the self-hatred and nostalgia within its own fan base. The franchise’s appeal lies in its willingness to scream its intentions and imperfections, making it a unique and enjoyable experience.

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Drew Goddard’s Involvement

The decision to bring Drew Goddard on board for the next Matrix movie raises eyebrows. While Goddard is undeniably talented and has worked on successful projects such as The Martian, Alias, Cloverfield, Lost, and Cabin in the Woods, his style tends to lean towards crowd-pleasing entertainment rather than pushing boundaries. His projects have rarely been described as edgy, which is a departure from the Matrix movies’ unconventional and thought-provoking nature.

Unclear Motives for Continuing the Franchise

The involvement of Lana Wachowski as an executive producer suggests that there is still some Wachowski influence in the upcoming Matrix film. However, it remains unclear why the franchise is being continued. The previous installment, The Matrix Resurrections, did not perform exceptionally well at the box office, making it less likely that financial gain is the sole motive behind this decision. Perhaps the merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery has influenced the studio’s focus on more mainstream and marketable projects, and handing the reins to Goddard could be an attempt to make the Matrix franchise more commercially appealing.

Reimagining a Familiar World

While skepticism surrounds Goddard’s involvement, it is important to acknowledge that a reboot or continuation of a beloved franchise can still surprise and impress audiences. The recent parody film, The People’s Joker, directed by Vera Drew, offers a fresh and unique take on the Batman universe. It completely reimagines the characters and their roles, challenging preconceived notions. This serves as a reminder that sometimes a bold and loud approach can yield remarkable results. It remains to be seen if the next Matrix movie will follow a similar path.


The decision to involve Drew Goddard in the next Matrix movie raises questions about the direction the franchise will take. While Goddard is a talented filmmaker, his style leans towards crowd-pleasing entertainment rather than pushing boundaries. The Matrix movies have always been known for their willingness to challenge and provoke, making them beloved by fans. The motives behind continuing the franchise are unclear, but it is possible that the studio aims to make the Matrix more commercially appealing. Only time will tell if this decision will result in a less weird but still successful continuation of the Matrix world.

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