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Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends Team Faces Layoffs Amid EA’s Restructuring Plan


Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind popular shooter Apex Legends, has reportedly experienced layoffs as part of parent company EA’s restructuring plan. Despite the setbacks, EA remains optimistic about the future of Apex Legends and Respawn Entertainment.

Respawn Entertainment Faces Layoffs Amid EA’s Restructuring Plan

Respawn Entertainment, the game development studio behind the popular shooter Apex Legends, has reportedly experienced layoffs as a result of parent company EA’s recent restructuring plan. The studio, known for its charismatic and captivating voice, has unfortunately had to let go of some of its talented employees.

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According to reports, 23 employees from Respawn Entertainment, specifically from the Apex Legends team, were affected by the layoffs. This news comes after EA’s announcement in late February that it would be cutting 5 percent of its workforce, amounting to around 670 employees across its studios. The company has set aside a budget of $125-$165 million for this restructuring plan, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2024.

Despite the setbacks, Respawn Entertainment’s parent company, EA, remains optimistic about the future of Apex Legends and the studio. During EA’s recent earnings call, CFO Stuart Canfield mentioned that although Apex Legends had missed projections, it showed potential growth with its Final Fantasy VII crossover event. CEO Andrew Wilson also expressed that the game had performed extremely well. This suggests that EA still has faith in the game and the studio.

Employee Reactions and Impact on the Apex Legends Team

The layoffs at Respawn Entertainment have undoubtedly had an impact on the Apex Legends team. Alex Ackerman, a social media lead for the game, took to Twitter to share that she had been made redundant by the company. She expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to work on Apex Legends and support its community, calling it the highlight of her career and life.

Other employees, such as level designer Aaron Stump, also expressed their disappointment at seeing their colleagues let go. Stump wished them well and hoped they would find new opportunities soon. These reactions highlight the emotional toll that layoffs can have on the affected individuals and the team as a whole.

EA’s Restructuring Plan and Impact on Respawn Entertainment

EA’s restructuring plan has not only affected Respawn Entertainment in terms of layoffs but also in terms of its game development projects. The studio had to cancel an unannounced first-person Star Wars game and will now be focusing on the third entry in the Star Wars Jedi series. However, the unannounced Star Wars strategy game, produced by Respawn Entertainment, is still in development.

Last year, EA also canceled a single-player Apex Legends game, further impacting Respawn Entertainment’s plans for the franchise. Despite these setbacks, EA mentioned during their recent earnings call that Apex Legends would expand beyond the traditional battle royale experience this year. The specifics of this expansion are still unclear, but it shows that EA is committed to the game’s future.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Apex Legends and Respawn Entertainment

Despite the challenges and changes brought about by EA’s restructuring plan, there is still optimism for the future of Apex Legends and Respawn Entertainment. The game has shown potential for growth and has garnered a dedicated community. EA’s continued support and plans for expansion indicate their confidence in the game’s success.

As fans eagerly await the upcoming expansion of Apex Legends, it is clear that Respawn Entertainment will continue to innovate and provide engaging experiences for players. The studio’s charismatic writing style, unique storytelling elements, and years of experience in the gaming industry position them well for future success.

While the recent layoffs have undoubtedly been difficult for the affected employees and the team, the resilience and talent of Respawn Entertainment will undoubtedly shine through as they navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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