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Helldivers 2: Overcoming Challenges in the Galactic War


Learn how the Helldivers 2 community is strategizing to defend Super Earth from enemy takeover. Explore the difficulties faced and the coordination required to overcome them.

Helldivers 2: A Challenging Battle for Super Earth

Helldivers 2, the popular co-op shooter developed by Arrowhead Game Studios, is currently facing a major challenge. Super Earth has issued a critical order, requiring players to defend 10 planets from enemy takeover. However, with just three days remaining, the community has struggled to meet the objectives. This article explores the difficulties faced by players and the strategic coordination required to overcome them.

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The Community’s Track Record

Over the past few months, the Helldivers 2 community has achieved impressive milestones, such as the swift liberation of Tien Kwan and The Battle of Malevelon Creek. However, there is a recurring issue when it comes to coordinating efforts across multiple planets. The community excels at focused goals but struggles to distribute active players evenly across various targets. This leads to some planets being ignored, even when they are on the brink of enemy takeover.

The Impact of Failed Milestones

While most players may not think beyond the brief notification of completing a major order, the failure to achieve milestones is deeply felt by the dedicated strategists within the community. These individuals gather on platforms like Reddit and Discord, where they analyze a fan-made galaxy map to formulate plans for completing major orders. The recent Martale Gambit, an unconventional plan to cut off supply lines from Charon Prime, exemplifies the community’s dedication. However, despite their efforts, the planet fell just short of liberation.

Organized Chaos

The Martale Gambit demonstrated that even with extensive planning, lobbying, and press coverage, the number of active players on a specific planet is often dwarfed by those exploring other areas of the galaxy. This discrepancy highlights the challenge of mobilizing a large player base towards a single objective. Arrowhead Game Studios acknowledges this balancing act, aiming to engage players in the meta-narrative without alienating those who prefer a more casual gaming experience.

The Casual Co-op Shooter

Helldivers 2 primarily caters to players seeking a cooperative shooting experience, rather than an intricate strategic game. The majority of players choose their planets based on enemy types, environmental hazards, and aesthetics, rather than the strategic importance of the objective. While the strategic victories achieved by the community are celebrated, they do not hold significant sway in shaping the game’s overall direction.

Arrowhead’s Balancing Act

Arrowhead Game Studios has managed to strike a delicate balance between engaging the community through a captivating meta-narrative and catering to casual players. While the current major order may be too challenging for millions of players to complete, Arrowhead is well aware of the need for a rebound. Offering tangible rewards and unlocking new features has proven to be an effective method of getting players involved in the game’s ongoing narrative.

Looking Ahead

With a quiet period in progress, it is likely that Arrowhead is preparing for another significant battle that will introduce new elements to the game. The implementation of visible supply lines on the war map will also make it easier for players to understand the tactical layer of the game, bridging the gap between dedicated strategists and casual players.


Helldivers 2 continues to provide an engaging co-op shooting experience, with the added depth of a meta-narrative and strategic elements. While the community faces challenges in coordinating efforts across multiple planets, Arrowhead Game Studios has successfully balanced the desires of both casual and dedicated players. As the game evolves, players can expect new battles, rewards, and enhancements to further immerse themselves in the ongoing galactic war.

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