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Helldivers 2: Factory Striders Return to Pose a New Threat


The formidable Factory Striders have made a resurgence in Helldivers 2, posing a new threat to freedom and democracy. Players must band together, strategize, and bring their most devastating firepower to take down these massive Automaton walkers. Join the battle for survival in the galactic rim.

The Return of the Factory Striders: A New Threat to Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 players are facing a formidable challenge as the Factory Striders make a comeback. These massive Automaton walkers, reminiscent of AT-ATs, have reemerged to threaten freedom and democracy in the galactic rim.

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Previously introduced as a test, the Factory Striders have now proven to be even more intense and terrifying on harder difficulties. Players have discovered that these walkers can drop in packs, creating chaos on the battlefield. A Reddit user shared a clip showcasing the mayhem that ensues when multiple Factory Striders appear.

Strategies to Take Down the Factory Striders

Defeating these imposing support dreadnoughts is no easy task, but players have started to fight back and share their strategies. The key is to bring powerful bombs and use them strategically. If multiple Factory Striders appear, it’s crucial to unleash all available firepower. Alternatively, players can try disabling the walkers’ guns with their strongest support weapons. And if all else fails, running away is a viable option.

Reports from players indicate that even in public groups, Helldivers are quick to react and coordinate their attacks on the Factory Striders. As soon as these walkers show up, players unleash a barrage of powerful stratagems, leaving the robots with little time to react. It’s a sight to behold, with orbs and beams raining down on the walkers within seconds of their arrival.

The Battle Against the Automaton Invasion

The Helldivers community is currently engaged in a battle against the Automaton invasion, initiated by Arrowhead through a new set of Major Orders. The next move in the Galactic War by Game Master Joel remains a mystery, but players are eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this intense co-op shooter.

Since its launch in February, Helldivers 2 has become a surprise hit, topping the charts on Steam and reportedly selling around three million copies. Its popularity continues to grow, according to analysts. If you’re curious about the game’s success, check out IGN’s Helldivers 2 review for more information.

A New Level of Challenge and Excitement

The return of the Factory Striders has added a new level of challenge and excitement to Helldivers 2. Players must band together, bring their most devastating firepower, and strategize to overcome these massive walkers. It’s a battle for freedom and survival in the galactic rim.

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