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Bellwright: A Rebellion Game for the Ages


Donkey Crew’s upcoming title, Bellwright, aims to deliver an authentic and immersive rebellion experience by combining medieval management, intense battles, and a vibrant world. With a fluid difficulty system and a focus on pacing, Bellwright promises to be the rebellion game players have been longing for.

Bellwright: A Rebellion Game for the Ages

In a gaming landscape where rebellion is often depicted in a superficial manner, Donkey Crew, the team behind Lost Oasis, aims to deliver an authentic and immersive rebellion experience with their upcoming title, Bellwright.

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Project lead Florian “chadz” Hofreither, drawing from his background in Mount & Blade modding, along with the original members of Donkey Crew, are returning to their roots to create a medieval management game that revolves around building a settlement, forming a rebellion force, and pushing back against a tyrannical monarchy.

Contrary to the typical grim and desolate portrayal of rebellion, Bellwright presents a vibrant and idyllic world in its early stages. The game’s world-building team has put in great effort to depict the subtle oppression present in the villages, with propaganda pieces and elements of oppression woven into the fabric of daily life.

Authentic Rebellion Experience

Bellwright aims to provide players with an authentic rebellion experience, departing from the superficial portrayals often found in gaming. The team at Donkey Crew, known for their work on Lost Oasis, is dedicated to creating a game that immerses players in the struggle against a tyrannical monarchy.

With Florian “chadz” Hofreither at the helm, drawing from his experience in Mount & Blade modding, Bellwright promises to deliver a medieval management game that goes beyond the typical tropes. Players will have the opportunity to build a settlement, form a rebellion force, and challenge the oppressive regime.

One of the key aspects that sets Bellwright apart is its vibrant and idyllic world. Rather than presenting a desolate and grim landscape, the game’s world-building team has meticulously crafted a setting that subtly depicts the oppression present in the villages. Propaganda pieces and elements of oppression are seamlessly woven into the fabric of daily life, creating an immersive and authentic rebellion experience.

Gameplay and Immersion

Bellwright combines the best elements of medieval management and intense battles to provide players with a truly immersive gameplay experience. Drawing inspiration from Mount & Blade, the game offers directional sword swinging and intense battles that require skill and strategy.

On a larger scale, players can assume the role of a commander, strategically directing their allies in battles and movements. The settlement builder aspect of the game allows players to construct buildings and shape their settlement over time, adding a layer of depth and immersion to the gameplay.

One of the standout features of Bellwright is its fluid difficulty system. Players have the freedom to approach the game at their own pace, with invasions on their settlement occurring at a similar rate. Whether players prefer a slower progression or more frequent battles, the game adapts to their choices, ensuring a challenging experience throughout.

Maintaining Momentum and Engagement

Hofreither and the team at Donkey Crew understand the importance of pacing and maintaining player engagement in Bellwright. They aim to strike a balance between a game that progresses too slowly, leading to monotony, and one that progresses too quickly, preventing players from fully appreciating their accomplishments.

With their focus on creating a rebellion game that keeps players hooked, the team regularly updates Bellwright and expands upon the foundation presented at GDC. They are committed to regaining the trust of their fans and delivering a long-lasting and engaging experience.

If Donkey Crew can successfully launch Bellwright, maintain a consistent stream of updates, and build upon the promising foundation demonstrated at GDC, they may just deliver the rebellion game that players have been longing for. Keep an eye out for Bellwright’s release on Steam Early Access and add it to your wishlist if you’re seeking an immersive and authentic rebellion experience.

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