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Aamir Khan and R Madhavan Got Drunk While Shooting Iconic Scene in 3 Idiots


Aamir Khan and R Madhavan revealed that they actually got drunk while shooting the famous drunk scene in 3 Idiots. Their dedication to making the scene authentic showcases their passion for their craft. Find out more about this behind-the-scenes story.

Aamir Khan and R Madhavan: The Dynamic Duo

Aamir Khan and R Madhavan’s iconic film 3 Idiots continues to be a favorite among fans even years after its release. The movie had several memorable scenes, but one particular scene stands out – the drunk scene.

Aamir Khan and R Madhavan Got Drunk While Shooting Iconic Scene in 3 Idiots - -2000379212

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In a recent interview on the BeerBiceps podcast, R Madhavan revealed that it was Aamir Khan’s idea to actually get drunk for the scene. According to Madhavan, Aamir believed that in drunk scenes, it’s better to drink and act normal rather than pretend to be drunk. So, they came up with a plan to start drinking an hour before the shot.

The original plan was to start shooting at 9 pm, so Aamir suggested they begin drinking at 8 pm. By 8:30-8:45, they had already consumed three to four pegs. However, due to a technical issue with the lighting, the shoot got delayed by two hours. Little did they know that the cold Bangalore air would have a different impact on their level of intoxication.

When it was finally time to shoot the scene, Madhavan and the rest of the cast thought they were completely normal. But they soon realized that the hours of drinking had affected their ability to deliver the lines properly. Madhavan recalled how they took hours to deliver the lines, unaware of their impaired state.

The drunk scene in 3 Idiots is undoubtedly one of the most memorable moments in the film. It’s interesting to know that the actors went to such lengths to make it authentic. This dedication to their craft is what sets Aamir Khan and R Madhavan apart in the industry.

R Madhavan’s Personal 3 Idiots Moment

Apart from sharing this behind-the-scenes story, Madhavan also opened up about a personal 3 Idiots moment in his life. He revealed that he had failed in the 8th standard, disappointing his parents. They had dreams of him getting married and joining Tata Steel, following in his father’s footsteps. However, Madhavan had different aspirations and didn’t want to pursue his father’s job. He had a heartfelt conversation with his father, assuring him that he would find his own path and not let him down.

The Timeless Impact of 3 Idiots

Directed by Rajkumar Hirani, 3 Idiots was a critical and commercial success when it released in 2009. The film resonated with audiences not just in India but also in China, where it performed exceptionally well. With its thought-provoking message and brilliant performances, 3 Idiots continues to be cherished by fans worldwide.

As we look back on the making of 3 Idiots, it’s fascinating to learn about the efforts and dedication of the actors. Aamir Khan and R Madhavan’s commitment to their roles, even going to the extent of getting drunk for a scene, showcases their passion for their craft. It’s these small details that make films like 3 Idiots timeless and memorable.

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