From MangaHelpers: For The Entirety Of His Life, Yokoda Takashi Has Been Drawing Erotic Drawings And It Has Been His Way Of Expressing His Sexuality. And Now, He Has Managed To Become A Successful Erotic Comedy Manga Author For A Monthly Magazine. His Series Stars A Character Named Aimi Who Is Actually Based Loosely On His Niece With The Same Name. He Keeps His Job A Secret, Especially From His Family From The Fear That Using Aimi’s Name In Such A Perverted Way Would Cause Hatred From Everyone. But His Manga’s Popularity Rises And Gets Moved To A Weekly Magazine Where There Are Vastly More Readers And It Seems Like Only A Matter Of Time Until The Truth Comes Out. Takashi Has To Struggle Between Protecting His Secret While Keeping Up With The Production And Erotic Creativeness That Comes With A Weekly Magazine Series. [vyc]

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