The Young Lady Can't Escape From Her Doting Husband ♡

The First Prince, A Childhood Friend, A General, And An Assassin - What If They Suddenly Ask For Love...?! An Anthology From “Moonlight Novels” That Collects The Adorable Stories Of Young Women And Charming Men! Includes 4 One-shots With Plenty Of Lovely And Sweet R-rated Scenes. We Will Give You A Lovely Romance With High Sugar Content! Volume 1 Information: Spoiler The Villainess Can't Escape Artist: Huyukusa Momo   Original: Akane Sumire The Use Of Engagement Cancellation Was Planned Artist: Kitamura Shin   Original: Itsuki Tachibana The Princess Is Weak Towards The Young General Artist: Nekonomori Shima   Original: Saki Ouya The Otome Game’s Season Will Begin, But It’s Too Difficult For Me Who’s A Mob Artist: Tsutsumi Hato   Original: Usui Katsura

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