The Villainous Princess Wants To Live In A Gingerbread House

I Thought I Had Reincarnated Into A Poverty-stricken Family, Until… “I Have Come To Escort Her Highness Anastasia Of The Imperial Family!” It Seems I Have Been Reincarnated In A Novel As An Imperial Princess Who Coveted Power And Met A Wretched End! I Diligently Baked Pastries With The Help Of The Spirit I Made A Contract With So I Could Fulfill My Dream In My Past Life To Become A Patissier And Prove That I Wasn&#39t Power-hungry. Surely They Wouldn&#39t Kill Me If I Fed Them Lots Of Delicious Treats! But The Cruel And Coldhearted Emperor (my Grandfather), His Eldest Grandson And The Novel&#39s Male Lead Who Will Bring About My Doom (my Older Cousin), The Empire&#39s Strongest Knight And Heir To A Duchy (my Friend), And The Slave Knight (an Elf) Who Will Kill Me… “I Like Your Lime Pies, Your Highness.” …by Any Chance, Have These People Fallen In Love With Me Instead Of My Pastries? This Is The Villainous Princess Asha&#39s Sweet Fantasy Story Of Baking And Healing! 악역 황녀님은 과자집에서 살고 싶어 / The Villainous Princess Wants To Live In A Cookie House

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