The Villainess Who Traveled Back In Time Inexplicably Lost Her Magic, So She Went Into Seclusion

Rachel Was Chosen As The Crown Prince&#39s Fiancée Solely By Virtue Of The Immense Magical Powers She Possessed. Thus, When The Saint Appeared, She Feared That Her Most Coveted Position Would Get Snatched Away From Her. Spurred By Jealousy, Rachel Committed Evil Deeds Against The Saint, Resulting In Her Engagement Getting Annulled. As Further Punishment, She Was Sent Away To A Monastery, But Her Carriage Was Attacked By Bandits En Route. Just When She Thought That Death Was Imminent, She Woke Up With A Start… Only To Find Herself Three Years In The Past — With Almost All Of Her Magic Gone, And Her Body So Frail And Weak That She Could Barely Even Leave Her Bed! Determined To Prevent Fate From Repeating Itself, Rachel Resolved To Take Full Advantage Of This Second Chance And Call Off Her Engagement Pronto. But For Some Reason, The Crown Prince Keeps Refusing To Break Things Off With Her—?!

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