The Noble Girl With A Crush On A Plain And Studious Guy Finds The Arrogant Prince To Be A Nuisance

In A Garden Tucked Away At The Back Of The Magic Academy, Sharina Falls In Love With The Gloomy And Morose Young Man, Riol. She Resolves To Pursue Him Wholeheartedly… But For Some Reason, She Finds Herself In A Stalkeriffic Situation Where The Kingdom’s First Prince, Leonardo, Just Won’t Leave Her Alone?! Nuh-uh, That Overbearing Attitude Of His Spells Nothing But Trouble For Her!!! The Spirited And Bubbly Heroine Who Is Constant In Her Devotion To Her First Love And The Intellectual Hero Whose Nose Is Always In A Book Join Hands To Face The Arrogant Prince Head-on! The Immensely Popular, Heart-pounding Love Comedy Set In A Fantasy World Has Finally Been Adapted ☆

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