The Love King And His Ornamental Wife

[PocketComics Ver] “Sir Alphonse… Ah, When I Think Of Him, My Heart Burns With Love. But, If I Marry Him, I&#39ll Become The Love King&#39s Queen And Be Banished From The Country… An Unfortunate End. Ugh, I Hate This Life! That&#39s Why I Free Want Him To Hate Me… From That Day Onwards, The Duke&#39s Daughter, Louise, Works Hard To Make Her Fiancé Alphonse Hate Her. I Want To Be Disliked ~ I Will Do My Best To Avoid Becoming The Queen Of The Amorous King / Kirawaretai No – Koushokuou No Kisaki O Zenryoku De Kaihi Shimasu / 人家才不要做好色王的王妃呢! / 嫌われたいの~好色王の妃を全力で回避します~

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