The Galactic Navy Officer Becomes An Adventurer

The Spaceship Which Imperial Galactic Navy Officer Alan Corinth Helmed Was Shot Down By A Surprise Attack During Hyper-space Navigation. Completely Due To Freak Coincidence, Alan Became The Only One In The Ship To Survive. The Severely Damaged Spaceship Lost Its Navigation Capabilities And Plummeted Onto A Nearby Planet. Using An Escape Pod, Alan Headed Toward The Planet Alone. Thus Began Alan’s Quest For Survival On The Underdeveloped Planet Utilizing The Symbiotic Nanomachines [Nanom] Within His Body. Surprisingly, The Planet Was Home To A Thriving Human Civilization Whose Genetic Code Closely Resembled Alan’s Own. Even While Remaining At A Loss Due To Being Thrown Into A World Of Swords And Magic, He Tries To Live As Best He Could Together With His Newfound Comrades. What Would Alan Achieve This Strange World? The Sci-fi Fantasy Story In A Medieval Setting Now Begins!

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