The First Son-In-Law Vanguard Of All Time

The First Son-In-Law Vanguard Of All Time By A Comic Artist Named Zhǎng Yuè Tells The Story Of Xu Wuzhou Passing Through Time And Space, And He Is Surprised To Find Out That He Has Become A Son-in-law, He Is Not Only Known As A Trash Worm But Also On The First Night Of The Marriage Lying On The Bed Of A Prostitute, After Eating, She Entered Shan Brothel And Was Caught Red-handed. His Cold Wife Was Very Disappointed In Him. His Father-in-law Locked Him In The Qin Family&#39s Warehouse To Punish Him. However, Because He Had Passed Through, He Got A Reincarnation Bowl That Was Broken, To Increase Its Strength, It Would Have To Swallow A Metal … Visit

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