The Emperor’S Mask

I Didn&#39t Know Blackouts Were So Scary. I Lost My Film After Drinking. And When She Opened Her Eyes, She Was In A Different World, And She Was In A Different Person&#39s Body. That Alone Is Absurd, But I Found Out That The Cause Of Death Of The Body Was Murder, Not Suicide. I&#39m So Busy Adjusting To Reality That I&#39m Going Crazy, And I&#39m Also Thinking About What&#39s Wrong With The Emperor Who Doesn&#39t Show His Face Outside. Meanwhile, Suspicious Beings, Even The Chief Of Staff, Continue To Haunt Her. “What&#39s That Big Bowl?” “…….” Damn, You&#39re Interrupting Me Mixing Rice With A Spoon! The Story Of A Mysterious Emperor, A Suspicious Servant, A Man Who Doesn&#39t Reveal Himself And The Wrong Heroine Lucia.

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