The Emperor’S Dog

Hari, Who Died In An Unexpected Car Accident, Had Come To Her Senses After Being Reincarnated Into A Completely Different World. Was She The Daughter Of The Emperor? Hari, Who Opened Her Eyes With A Throbbing Heart, Was In Shock. I’m A Dog? A Dog That Can Talk, Too? And It Gets Worse! I Was The Hunting Dog Of A Cruel Emperor Who Exterminated His Own Relatives To Ascend To The Throne. Now That It’s Done, I Have To Find A Way To Live. The Only Thing This Little Doggy Could Do With Her Body Was… “I’ll Pay You Back If You Raise Me, Your Majesty!” “Alright, I’ll Take You.” “That’s A Great Choice, Your Majesty. You’ll Never Regret It!” Goodbye To My Self-esteem— A Dog’s Way To Utmost Power… That’s The Route I’ll Take! My Second Life Will Be As The Emperor’s Adviser And Potential Successor. Until The Day Of Death! (DISCLAIMER: This Is A Promo Chapter.)

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