The Deity At My House

In Order To Save Her Family Restaurant From The Verge Of Bankruptcy, Mei Shi, The Restaurant&#39s Inheritor, Searches For The Family&#39s Secret Recipe Of Ancestral Cuisine In The Basement. She Unintentionally Breaks The Seal On The Vinegar Jar, Releasing A Handsome And Narcissistic Deity! In The Face Of Malicious Rivals And Swindlers, How Will The Unreliable ‘cooking Fairy&#39 And The Heir Who Can&#39t Cook To Save Their Lives, Guard The Restaurant? 我家上仙爱吃醋 / 我家上仙愛吃醋 / Wo Jia Shang Xian Ai Chi Cu / My Deity Likes To Get Jealous / The Deity At My House Likes To Get Jealous / The Deity In The Vinegar Jar

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