The Chef Hides His Blessing

Even Though Right Now, He’s Only A College Clinic’s Temporary Cook, Jung Dong’s Dream Is To Be A Chef. With Just His One Dream Of Becoming A Chef, Even Though It’s Hard, He’s Still Walking The Windy Path Ahead Of Him. However… Du Dun!! “I Am Your Goddess, Charis.” This Adorable Being Is A Goddess?! One Day, He Heard A Deity’s Voice And Everything Changed After He Became Her Disciple!! Heartfelt Made Cooking, Along With Memorizing Cute Recipes! “Do Cooking Along With Blessing Heartfeltly!” Cooking Filled With Blessings For Everyone!! Starting As A College Clinic’s Temporary Cook, With The Dream Of Working In A Michelin Guide Restaurant, And Filled With Sincerity, Jung Jung-Dong Will Do It Together With Charis’ Blessing Filled Cooking, Right?

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