Taming The Lady

I Woke Up As The Daughter Of The Grand Duke In A Novel- The Same World As Raon, My Favorite Character. This Must Be God&#39s Grace Towards Me, A Fan! But Of All Things, I&#39d Become Istina, The Very Villainess Who Always Caused Raon Trouble. Raon Is Disgusted At The Very Sight Of Istina. However, I Persistently Followed Him Around, Hoping To Become Friendly With Raon. “Hey, Raon!” “I Don&#39t Want To.” “But I Haven&#39t Even Said Anything Yet…” “I Know Exactly What I Dislike.” At First, He Completely Ignored Me, But Now, He&#39s Tolerating Me At Least A Little, Right? I&#39m Going To Continue Being A Fan. Come On, Let&#39s Cheer Up!

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