Tada No Renai Nanka De Kikkonai -Kojirase Joushi To Fechina Buka-

"Are You Unable To Hold Back Anymore?" Hardworking Sakura Yuino Is Transferred Under The Handsome, Gentlemanly Boss, Kiritani. She Tries Hard To Make Herself Useful (while Maintaining A Poker Face). But For Some Reason, Kiritani Has A Curt Attitude Towards Her. She Feels At A Loss For How To Deal With Him When She Notices He’s Erect. Kiritani’s Body Has A Problem-he Always Gets Erect Around Women. For Sakura, Who Has A Certain Fetish This Is Just Perfect! “I’ll Help You With Your Body Constitution”. The Complicated Relationship Between A Supervisor And His Subordinate Begins.

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