Stockholm Syndrome

“I’m Not Done Talking To You, Hyung.” What Is This Asshole Jabbering About Now? “I Don't Care How Much Money Your Family Has -- To Freakin’ Look Down On And Treat A Person Like A Beggar, How Do You Think That Would Make Me Feel?” Jeong-in Was Confused As To Whether The Person In Front Of Him Was The Same Cho Seung-hyun He Had Known Up Till Now. “Seung-hyun, I Think You’re Misunderstanding Something, I Was Just Innocently…”   “You Sure Like Acting Innocent.” Seung-hyun Again Pinched His Lips. It Was Only Then That Jeong-in Realized He Was Holding Back Laughter. “....Cho Seung-hyun.” You And Han Min-woo Have Even Slept Together Like Dogs, That Kind Of Word Doesn't Suit You. “……W-what?” “Didn’t You Hear Me? You And Han Min-woo Have Even Fucked Like Dogs, So I Asked How Do You Have The Audacity To Say The Word Innocent? He Had No Choice But To Doubt His Ears. Jeong-in Got Goosebumps Without Realizing It And Pulled His Head Back. “Hyung, You Don’t Even Have The Basics Down.” There Was A Wrinkle Between Jeong-in's Fair Eyes. His Breath Became Rough Because He Could Not Control His Anger. Seeing Him In Such A State, Seung-hyun Grinned. "……to Make A Deal, You Should Have Asked Me What I Wanted First." “…….” "What A Fool."  Bam. Someone Seemed To Hit His Head Hard.

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