She Is Coming, Please Get Down!

Writer: Cổ Hiên Editor: Dưỡng Tiểu Bạch Đích Hạp Hạp Tử Color: Giảo Giảo Background: Hạp Tử Editor: Phác Thúc The 18-year-old Actress Fell Into The Sea, When She Returned Her Personality Completely Changed. Before She Was Soft, Easy To Bully, Suddenly Now She Is A Ruthless Killer That Everyone Hears Scared . From Poor Acting To Talented Actress, Rich Men Everywhere Are Wholeheartedly Respectful To Her … Tacit Rules? How Much Money Is Your Company Worth? Famous Actress? I Just Had A Little Fun, Not Being Careful Won The Prize. Trash? I Understand The Most Is This, Do Not Be Too Weak, Then I Am Not Satisfied. Returning In The Name Of The God Of Death, I Will Take Revenge

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