Sanoba Witch

One Day, High Schooler Hoshina Shuuji, Who Can Sense Peoples&#39 Feelings Through His Ordinary Five Senses, Accidentally Sees The Popular Ayachi Nene Masturbating In The School Library. Nene Is A Member Of The Occult Club, And Commonly Offers Her Classmates Advice Through Fortune-telling. When Shuuji Goes To Apologize To Her, He Learns Two Things: The Occult Club Is Going To Be Closed Due To Lack Of Members, And Nene Is Actually A Witch That Is Collecting &#39soul Fragments&#39 That Come From Strong Emotions. After He Accidentally Absorbs Her Collection Of Soul Fragments, He Decides To Join Her Club, Help Her Collect More, And Try To Find A Way To Give Back The Ones He Took.

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