Saikyou Juzoku Tensei: Cheat Majutsushi No Slow Life

I, Who Should Have Died After Being Hit By A Car, Was Born Again In Another World. However, I Was Born In A Shady Minor Family That Used Magic And Controlled Wooden Puppets Called The Marren Clan. Possessing A Strong Interest In Magic Since My Previous Life, I Spend My Time Zealously Studying Magic To The Point Where Even The People In The Vicinity Draw Back. One Day, I Heard I Was To Be Married To My Little Sister When I Turned 16 In Accordance With The Traditions Of The Marren Clan And Decided To Flee To The City. For Now, Since I Have The Strongest Magic, I Guess I Should Idle Around Making Only Enough Money So That I Don’t Have To Work For My Whole Life.

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