Real No Heroine Wa Irimasen!

Aramiya Seiichi Is An Ordinary High School… Eroge Otaku Who’s Given Up All Hope On Girls In The 3D World Due To A Certain Incident. One Day, After He’s Bought A Bunch Of New Material In Consequence Of Experiencing The Frustration Of A Perfect Eroge Character Turning Out To Be “used Goods,” He Encounters A Delinquent-like-looking Girl Being About To Get Raped By A Bunch Of Guys. By Mere Chance, He Rescues Her. Days Later, When School Starts Again, It Turns Out To Have Been His Classmate, Ayame, A Feared Delinquent Girl Who’s Got All Kind Of Rumors About Her – Especially That She’s “used Goods.” And It Appears That She’s Set On Becoming His Ideal Girl To Make Him Fall For Her.

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