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This Time I Will Say It Honestly—there Is Only You. The Person That I Don't Want To See The Most In This World—"my Ex-boyfriend" During Junior High School, Mitsu Had Her First Boyfriend And First Heartbreak. Without Really Resolving The Problems Between Them, She Is Now A University Student. This Year, She Definitely Wants To Have A New Love, But Unfortunately Her Ex-boyfriend Kaede Is Her Neighbor! Five Years Have Passed And Now He Is A Popular Guy, But His Smile Didn't Change A Bit. ...Gosh, Love Will Bloom Again... He Knows All Her Weaknesses, She Wanted To Know About His Previous Girlfriends, And He Led Her To Misunderstand By His Kindness. Her Ex-boyfriend Is So Troublesome!!! But The Thought Of 'if We Didn't Break Up That Time' Is Unstoppable. Is A 'retry' With An Ex-boyfriend Okay!?

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