Monster In The Greenhouse

Julia Lappier, The So-called Flower Of Society And Envied By Everyone. She Had A Lover For 10 Years, And He Was The Illegitimate Son Of A Baron Who Had Nothing. For Him, Julia Gives Everything She Has, Making Her A Greenhouse, But… “Julia Is A Girl Who Has Nothing But A Pretty Face And A Family.” “But She Is The Only Child Of The Marquis.” “Let’s See. I’ll Make You The Hostess Of The Marquis, If I Just Marry That Bitch.” For Him, Julia Was Nothing More Than A Valuable Tool With Benefits Of Use. Upon Realizing All The Truth, Julia Decides To Take Revenge And Separates Herself If Her Hidden Life, And Finds Herself… The Truth Hidden In The Splendor, The Story Of A Monster That Blooms In The Greenhouse. Monstruos En El Invernadero / Monstro Na Estufa / 온실 속 괴물

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