Manuk’S Oath: First Story Of Betrothal

“Warning: Mature Content: This Manga Contains Materials That Might Not Be Suitable To Children Under 17. By Proceeding, You Are Confirming That You Are 17 Or Older.” Rainbow D Translations: A Story Of A First Love After Marriage And ‘Manuk’s Oath’ “Even Though We Spent Such A Hot Night Together A ‘Manuk’ Did Not Appear… Am I Not Your Betrothed One?” After Being Betrothed To Prince Li Chan At A Young Age, Princess Hwa-min Should Have Received A “Manuk” As A Token Of Their Marriage, But It Did Not Show Up. Unlike The Anxious Hwa-min, A Relaxed Li-Chan Covets Her Like An Animal. And– There Are Those With Bad Intentions Observing These Two: The Concubine Yuru, Who Has A Strong Backing, Has A Sinister Scheme Brewing…

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