Lovecraftian Plague Doctor

In The Old Days, The Streets In The Downtown Area Are Now Dead Silent. Hoarse And Frantic Weird Whispers Entangled In The Sky, And The Indescribable Ancient Giant Shadow Of A Cosmic Being Floated In The Sea. Unknown Disease Outbreaks, Terrible Disasters Raging, Panic Among Humans. It&#39s The End Of Times When Humans Sought In Vain Refuge Day And Night. The Rain Is Blood-drenched, And The Lightning Illuminated The Sky Gathering The Crows To Feast On Corpses, Never Again, Never Again, They Replied. “We Can See That This Weird Creature Has Twelve Pairs Of Ribs Just Like Humans, But It Also Has A Transverse Bone Piece That Humans Don&#39t Have…” In Medical School, He Continued To Wield The Scalpel To Save The People. These Medical Students Showed The Thoracic Structure Of The Weird Creature On The Experimental Platform. The Mysterious And Treacherous Age Has Come, The Truth Has Collapsed, The Order Has Collapsed, And Mankind Can Only Move Forward Unyieldingly Through Intellectual Power While Insanity Creeps In Closer Ever So Slightly. “What Will You Do?” Let The Madness Guides You. Doctor Liming / Mad Doctor Li Ming / Plague Doctor Li Ming

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