“I need a fake fiance to protect me!” After her mother’s death, Elladis(Ella), who had fallen from her father’s favor, was reduced to being a maid under the abuse of her step-mother and sisters. Her stepmother wasn’t satisfied to treat Ella as her maid, so she forced her to marry a gambler-crazy Viscount. The only pleasure for Ella, who lives a difficult life, was the country’s hero, Archduke Wellington. Ella goes through each day memorizing anything about Archduke Wellington. However, a man, who is her husband only in name, sells Ella to his gambling debts, and Ella, who runs away with the intention of dying, returns to the age of 18 after a desperate wish. The opportunity came once again like a miracle! She decided not to live the way she used to, until Ella inherited her mother’s legacy. She decides to entrust herself to Archduke Wellington. “Please save me from this house.” “What can I get in return for saving you?” “I’ll be your fake fiancee.” What will be the conclusion of Ella’s bold choice, who proposes a contractual engagement to Archduke Wellington using the information she knows from her previous life as bait ? Notices: This is just a promo manhwa. Please support the author by purchasing the novel.

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