Kunisaki Izumo No Jijou

OneShot Summary: Izumo Kunisaki, A Descendant Of Izumo No Okuni, Is Often Mistaken As A Girl. It Is The Bane Of His Existence. His Father And Best-friend (i.e. The Girl He Likes) Often Laugh About It. To Top It Off, He Plays The Girl Roles In His Family&#39s Kabuki Troupe. In This Short, He Discovers That That Curse Is Also His Greatest Source Strength And Will Prove Just How Much Of A Man He Is. Summary: Izumo 15 Year Old Is A Guy And Is Usually Mistaken For A Girl. He Is The 17th Generation Of The Kunizaki Troupe, A Famous Kabuki Troupe. When He Was 7 Years Old He Retired Because He Only Got Girls Roles, Ever Since He Has Been Living With His Mom. But What Happens When Izumo&#39s Mom Leaves For A Trip Around The World Leaving Him With His 16th Generation Successor Of The Kunizaki Troupe Dad? Will He Re-discover The Joy Of Being On Stage Again? Throw In An Over Obsessive Father, Some Wacky Co-stars, And A Maid Outfit And You Got Yourself A Laugh-out-loud Hilarious Manga That You&#39ll Instantly Enjoy!

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