I Raised Cinderella Preciously

There Is A Famous Fairytale. A Kindhearted Girl Whose Father And Stepmother Got Married And Became A Family Of Five With Her Two Stepsisters. The Poor Girl Who Was Condemned By Her Stepmother And Stepsisters When Her Father Died. The Very Fairytale, Cinderella. But I Am Not Cinderella, I Am The Stepmother. At The Age Of Thirty-seven, Already Married Twice, Been Widowed Twice And Is Raising Three Daughters! Daniel Walford, A Man Who Keeps Approaching Me While I’m Busy Trying To Raise My Three Daughters. “Can I Kiss You?” As A Son-in Law, I Think He’s A Little Bit Older But Why Does He Keep Approaching?… Oh, I Don’t Know. Once I Let Cinderella Marry The Prince, I Can Live Quietly. But Is This Fairytale Really ‘Cinderella’?

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