I Became The Younger Sister Of A Regretful Obsessive Male Lead

I’ve Transmigrated Into The World Of The BL Webtoon <In The House Of Dolls, There’s Another Doll Living There> Where I Left My One And Only Spiteful Comment. On Top Of That, I Become The Adopted Younger Sister Of My Favorite Character: The Obsessive Male Lead Who Is Later Regretful For His Actions, But Still Dies Along With The Duke In The End. So, I Was Determined. Since I Have Transmigrated Into This World, I Can’t Stand By And Watch My Favorite Character Die. Additionally, I Also Don’t Want To Die. That’s Why, Author, I’ll Need To Change The Tags And The Ending Of This Webtoon Slightly! From <Obsessive Male Lead> To <Considerate Male Lead>. From <Sad Ending> To <Happy Ending>. “Brother, Please Smile Like That In Front Of Others As Well.” I Said To Lucian, Who Doesn’t Smile Even A Little Bit In Front Of Others. “…” Was That Request Too Out Of The Blue? Lucian Looked At Me With A Peculiar Expression. “If You Do That, I Will Give You A Gift.” I Said That Because I Wanted To Help Him In Anyway I Could. He Looked At Me For A Bit And Hesitated Before Replying, “A Gift… Is Anything Fine?” “Of Course!” The Moment I Gave That Answer With Certainty, His Expression Changed Right At Once To That Of A Starving Predator… Did I Make Mistake? Then, Lucian Calmly Replied With An Expression Full Of Expectation. “Give Yourself To Me, Rachel.” Huh? What Did He Say? What Did He Just Ask For?

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