I Am Not Your Enemy

Mi Yo-Chu, The Second Daughter Of The General, Was Betrayed And Killed By The Ding Palace's Prince, Su Bu-Xiao, And Her Personal Maid In Her Previous Life And Gets A Chance To Be Reborn. "This Time, I Will Protect Those Dear To Me And Not Repeat The Same Mistakes Twice." Despite That, She Gets Into The Same Scenario As When She Fell For Su Bu-Xiao In Her Past Life. Though This Time, The So-called Sophisticated Young Master Seems To Have Changed, Like He Got A Lot... Dumber? He Also Clung To Mi Yo-Chu Like Crazy. That's Because...the Person Currently Inside Of Su Bu-Xiao's Body Is A Reincarnator From The 21st Century! And Currently He's Trying To Trigger The First Event For Meeting His Capture Target: The Player Gets In Danger And Is Saved By The Capture Target, Disregarding Her Own Life. And So, He Tangled A Snake Around His Neck.

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