Hello, I Am A Witch, And My Crush Wants Me To Make A Love Potion!

"I Want You To Make Me A Love Potion." The “Witch Of The Lake” Had Her Heart Broken When The Object Of Her One-sided Affection Requested That She Make Him A Love Potion. If That’s The Case, Then I Wish To Spend More Time With Him, Even If It’s Just Up Until The Preparations For The Love Potion Are Complete. That Was What I Had Told Myself, And Yet… The Romantic Tale Of A Reclusive Witch And A Solemn Knight That Begins From Unrequited Love. Official English Light Novel: Http://www.crossinfworld.com/news-articles/New-Release-Hello-I-am-a-Witch-and-my-Crush-Wants-me-to-Make-a-Love-Potion.html

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