Hatsujou Ookami-Kun Ai Wo Sakebu

"You Smell Really Tasty..." Ogura Is Just A Regular High Schooler. One Day, He Bumps Into The Delinquent Ohgami, And Notices... Dog Ears Sprouting From His Head! The Startled Ogura Runs Away, But He&#39s Confronted The Next Day And Learns That Ohgami Is A Descendant Of Werewolves. Although Ogura Promises Not To Tell A Single Soul, The Wary Ohgami Starts Keeping A Close Watch. As They Spend More Time Alone Together, They Begin To Form An Unusual Bond. Then, A Half-asleep Ohgami Starts Touching Ogura...! This Is A Hot, Heart-throbbing Young Romance Between A Werewolf In Heat And An Oblivious, Pheromone-rich Human Boy

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