Falling Flower, Flowing Water

Kim Sojin Lived An Intense Everyday Life As An Oriental Doctor. However, After Losing Her Life In A Fire Accident, She Woke Up Again In The Goguryeo Period As The Daughter Of The Jeolnobu Yeon Clan ‘Yeon Woohee.&#39 Although She Was Born Into A Noble Family, War Breaks Out Every Day In This Era! And Now That She&#39s Twelve, She&#39s Going Through A Political Marriage?! “You Must Be Very Surprised. Damdeok Didn&#39t Tell You Anything?” “If It&#39s Damdeok…” Of All Things, My Marriage Partner Is Someone Who Everybody In South Korea Knows About, That ‘Gwanggaeto The Great&#39? “I… I&#39m Not Going To Marry You!” The Blooming Love Story Between The Greatest King In History And The Woman Who Remembers The ‘future&#39.

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