Court Swordswoman In Another World

Lily, The Daughter Of A Fallen Aristocrat Has Never Held A Sword In Her Life. But Charles, The New King Of Ryslim Wants To Hire Her As His Personal Swordswoman?! Charles, A Man With Many Enemies, Was Attacked At His Coronation Party. Lily, Who Drew His Sword And Rescued Him In One Fell Swoop, Impressed Charles With Her Swift Reflexes And Was Forced To Become His Swordswoman Exclusively. Little By Little, Lily Begins To Recall Memories From Her Previous Life, In Which Sword-wielding Was… A Refreshing, Other-worldly Court Story Depicting Incredible Sword Techniques And Characters Falling Into Clumsy Love! Isekai De Kyuutei Kenshi Hajimemasu / 異世界で宮廷剣士はじめます

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