Bishoujo Ni Natta Kedo, Netoge Haijin Yattemasu

The Story Follows The High-schooler Futsu Jintarou, Whose Confession Was Rejected By His Crush. His Misfortune Continues, As News Of A Gender-change Disease Turns Jintarou Into A Beautiful Silver Haired Girl. The Shock Of It Causes Him (her) To Try To Escape From Reality By Playing The VRMMO, Clan/Clan… His Game Character Taru Uses The Same Girl Appearance As In The Real And The Alchemy Skill, Which Most Players Call A Trash Skill. He Meets Lots Of Fellow Adventurers, And Becomes Stronger Within The Game World Of Clan/Clan’s Slogan, ‘When One Becomes An Adventurer, They Can Fight, Steal, Control, Explore, Invent, Create, And Do Anything As They Like’. He Meets A Wide Variety Of Adventurers That Help Him(her) Grow, Taru Hides What Happened To His(her) Appearance As A Bug To His Friends Who Also Play The Game, And Hides The Fact That He(she) Had Become A Girl In Real Life. When Summer Break Is Over, He(she) Will Have To Show Their Face At School. This Is About One Of The Best National-class Adventurers, The Story Of The Alchemist Who Won A War Without Even Taking A Single Step. When A Normal High School Student Suddenly Turns Into A Beautiful Girl, What Would They Do? The Answer Is To That Is To Become A Net-game Addict!

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