From Impossibility: Kiriko Has Always Been Overshadowed By Her Older Sister Eiko. Eiko Is Cute, Smart, And Extremely Popular Unlike Kiriko. This Manga Is About Kiriko Leaving Her Sister&#39s Shadow While Blossoming In Love! Although This Sounds Like A Typical Manga, The Manga-ka Enjoys Switching To Different Manga Styles To Show Extreme Expressions And Actions Of The Characters. Seishunchuu Is A Very Cute And Funny Manga! ...Seishunchuu! Vol.01 Ch.001.1: Sisters(2) Is An Outlier Of The Rest Of The Manga. It Is Basically About The Rivalry Between 2 Sisters. It Has Been Passed Down Through Generations That Whenever A Woman Reaches The Age Of 18, They Will Grow Moles On Every Conspicuous Part Of Their Body. WARNING: Contains Horror And Mystery.

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